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Andrew is a qualified and well respected Naturopath with twenty years knowledge and experience in natural medicine. He has been involved at an executive level in the Homeobotanical Institute, and is recognised as a leader within the natural health industry in New Zealand. He has studied a range of natural therapies as well as health science and nursing to degree level. He provides top quality researched nutritional and herbal products that fit your health needs.

“My passion and focus is with natural medicine and I love meeting and talking with people and helping them move from their current state of health to a new place of wellness. I am interested in the psycho-sociocultural and environmental factors that affect health, and aim to address these as best I can in partnership with my clients.

We are complex beings and health is so much more than merely physical issues. As a Naturopath I already applied the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of natural law and life and how these impact health and wellbeing… things like clean air, water, sleep hygiene, good nutrition, social connections and spiritual practice. My nursing and health science studies have given me deeper insights into the ecological and holistic determinants of health, and I enjoy ‘fleshing’ these aspects out with clients”.

Outside of the clinic, Andrew is a keen musician having played piano and pipe organ for most of his life in various Churches. He taught his children and several friends’ children the piano for some years. He is keen on recreational and private aviation and has flown privately although that was some years ago. He is interested in medical and alternative medicine research, nanotechnology, quantum physics and electronics.

His first career path was as an electronics technician and he builds zappers for market

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As well, this background has enabled his input with other practitioners in getting the best out of their electronics devices used in clinical settings.

Andrew believes his greatest achievement is having seven talented beautiful children who each have a mature and aware perspective on life. Almost all his children were home-birthed and home-educated, so they grew up in an environment that is rare in today’s world.